ADDCON´s Allround Preservative

Time-tested, Effective and Comprehensive Performance



Calcium propionate (E282) belongs to the salt class of propionates, which are considered to be the best preservatives for bakery goods in terms of prolonging shelf life. ADDCON´s CALPRO itself is used in yeast-leavened products, as it – despite its preservative function which combats mold and roping bacteria – does not inhibit the yeast. This results in products with long shelf life without structural and sensual compromises.

ADDCON CALPRO stands for

Reliable prevention of mold and rope forming bacteria infestation

Long shelf life of the products

Compatibility with yeast Leavening


Range of Application

ADDCON CALPRO is used across various bakery goods for its superior preservative effect.
Compared to other propionates, it is the favorite preservative used in yeast-leavened products, as the yeast leavening process is not inhibited.

Good to know

Combining ADDCON´s food additives will yield products superior in volume, texture, freshness and shelf life with reduced acrylamide presence and no sensory compromises.



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