Broadened activity spectrum plus guaranteed stability!

Effective against E.coli and Salmonella
Binds endotoxins
Usage in premixes and micro-dosing systems

Formi Stable combines the patented FORMI-technology,
with its well-proven impact against pathogenic gut bacteria,
with substances which balance the gut microflora – and
allow in addition an increased stability of the product itself.

FORMI STABLE stands for

Optimized usage of feed
Strong anti-bacterial impact
Binding of intestinal endotoxins
Usage in premixes and micro-dosing systems
Supports growth-performance


Proven efficiency of FORMI Stable


Trial 1: Effect of FORMI STABLE on bacterial microflora in the small intestine

Trial 2: Silo- and Micro-dosing stability under tropical conditions
(ca. 28°C and 83-87% RH) in days

Trial 3: Aerobic stability of a commercial sow- and piglet-premix
(12.5% inclusion rate of Formi Stable) for 10 days

Good to know

It is thus possible for the first time to use a highly concentrated
FORMI product in premixes and micro-dosing systems.

Technical Data


Sodium formate (E 237), formic acid (E 236), kieselgur (E 551c)


In a cool and dry place


25 kg plastic bag


Piglets till 15 kg live-weight: 10 kg/t

Piglets till 25 kg live-weight: 7 kg/t

Growers till 55 kg live-weight: 7 kg/t

Fatterns till slaughter: 5 kg/t

Sows, gestation: 5 kg/t

Sows, lactation: 7 kg/t

Broilers: 2 – 3 kg/t

Layers: 2 – 4 kg/t

Turkeys: 3 – 4 kg/t

Calves: 3 – 5 kg/t



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