Silage additive for protecting the aerobic stability of silage

Protects from reheating

Minimizes energy losses

Recieves the nutrient value of the silage

When well fermented silo maize is exposed to air, its quality can often deteriorate as a result of heating on exposure and mold growth.

High-energy grass silage, CCM, beet pulp and brewer’s grains can also be affected by this. 

MAIS KOFASIL works equally effective against yeasts and molds.

MAIS KOFASIL stands for

improved palatability and feed intake

higher feed-intake

healthier cows


Mais KOFASIL is used undiluted with 3 ¬ 5 Liters per ton fresh matter.

Mais KOFASIL can be used up to a DM-content of 75 %

range of application & application rate

nice to know

Depending on the composition of the silage crop, MAIS KOFASIL can be used to treat either the top layers or surface of the silo stock (the top third) or the whole silo

Technical data


sodium benzoate, sodium propionate


3 - 5 Liters per ton freshmatter


Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Un-opened containers will keep for 2 years. KOFASIL ULTRA is non-hazardous.

Frost-proof down to -20°C 



canister (26 Liter)

drum (215 Liter)

Container (1.000 Liter)

bulk (from 10.000 Liter)



This product is also available as MAIS KOFASIL Granular



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