The alternative for high-quality fish meal.

Preservation for industrial fish and meat offal!

• high quality fish meal

• longer storage

• strong antimicrobial effects

• optimal digestibility

The supply of huge volumes of high quality fish meal is necessary to supply the rapid growing aquaculture industry, which is growing with nearly 10% annually since the 1950ies (FAO). The amount of high quality fish meal of the total amount of fish meal is expected to grow from 8% to 50% during the next 30 years. In order to fulfil such challenging demands ADDCON has developed a preservative of raw fish for fish meal production – FISHFORM PLUS

FISHFORM PLUS stands for:

longer catch/storage periods

high quality fish meal

strong antimicrobial effects

optimal availability of nutrients

nice to know

The 0.75% application of FISHFORM PLUS into the raw fish (sardine) lead to a 3fold increase of possible storage time.


FISHFORM PLUS treated fish had a higher dry matter content and leads therefore to higher yields of fishmeal per ton wet-weight of in-dustrial fish.


 FISHFORM PLUS treated fish reduces TVBN by 45% in raw fish and 25% in fishmeal.

Furthermore, additional data indicate that fishmeal treated with FISHFORM PLUS and fed to aquaculture fish increased growth perfor-mance of cultured fish.


Technical Data


depending on storage conditions of raw fish (temperature, time) – Dosage: 0.5 to 1% to be sprayed on to fish or offal

Storage and shelf life: 

FISHFORM PLUS is stored in 1000 litre IBC with a 36 months shelf-life.



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