EU-registered growth promoter

Optimal efficiency

FORMI, which is based on ADDCON’s EU-registered potassium formate technology, increases the growth and performance of pigs.

FORMI stands for

Accelerated growth process.

Strong antimicrobial effect.

Excellent feed conversion.

Effect of FORMI


Experiment 1: FORMI reaches the small intestine.

Experiment 2: FORMI increases perfomance.

Experiment 3: FORMI reduces the bacteriological and serological prevalence of Salmonella.

Experiment 4: FORMI use leads to lower E. coli frequencies.

nice to know

FORMI already meets tomorrow’s requirements today and is therefore the approved alternative to feeding antibiotics for pigs, as it offers the highest possible level of safety for people and the environment.

Technische Daten


Store cool and dry


Plastic bag (25 kg)

Large container (1.000 kg)


Recommended dosage:

Piglets: 8 – 12 kg/t complete feed

Fattening pigs: 6 – 10 kg/t complete feed

Sows: 10 – 12 kg/t complete feed



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