ADDCON´s next-generation acrylamide inhibitor

Efficient, effective and easy-to-use


ADDCON´s ADDCON-LB Series consists of a range of products designed to reduce acrylamide formation in thermally processed foods, thus catering to this important industry-specific need. Acrylamide is a neurotoxin, teratogen and a carcinogen so that its heightened presence in food is of public concern. The European Union has therefore imposed strict regulations and legal limits relating to the presence of foodborne acrylamide.

ADDCON LB stands for

Acrylamide Inhibition Effectiveness

Minimal Recipe and Process Adaptation

No compromise of sensory effects.



Depending on application, ADDCON-LB is typically dosed at 0,5 to 1,5% of flour weight.

Range of Application

ADDCON LB is effective in every product subject to the Maillard reaction (browning). This includes bakery goods from bread, cookies to wafers and fried goods such as chips, donuts and crisps.

Good to Know

Combining ADDCON´s food additives will yield products superior in volume, texture, freshness and shelf life with reduced acrylamide presence and no sensory compromises.

Technical Data

As our new approach is filed for patent, technical details will be conveyed in a different setting. Please contact us for more information.



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