One product – double benefit


New: E.booster against moulds and yeasts

Well fermented energy rich silages exposed to air tend to spoilage. Valuable, easy digestible nutrients are degraded by yeasts and moulds.
That results in re-heating and the growth of moulds visible by the typical colored hot spots. In addition, a mycotoxin risk is increasing.
Management failures during ensiling like insufficient packing, non-airtight sealing and slow feed-out are major causes. To prevent that,
best management combined with the use of Kofasil S 1.2 is needed.

 Kofasil S contains a special selected non-GMO strain of Lactobacillus buchneri. The microbe ferments in its metabolic pathway lactic acid.
From lactic acid later it forms acetic acid and 1,2 propanediol  (propylenglycol). 

Kofasil S 1.2 with E-Booster

Lactobacillus buchneri  is more effective in combination with our Enterococcus faecium in the production of  acetic acid and 1,2 propanediol.

Acetic acid controls the growth of yeasts and moulds. Thus, the bunk life is improved during feed out. 1,2 propanediol is an energy rich, glucoplastic
substance which is taken up fast and does not burden the rumen. High yielding dairy cows will be provided with much needed energy.
The converted sugar into 1,2 propanediol prevents rumen acidosis and ketosis. Enterococcus faecium is used as a booster.
Caused by that strain combination the Lactobacillus buchneri metabolic pathway gets more efficient, visible by the gas formation.

KOFASIL S 1.2 stands for

Double benefit by a suited combination of LAB

Prevents feed and energy losses

Reduces mould growth and mycotoxins

1,2 propanediol supports high yielding cows with glucoplastic energy

Protects against rumen acidosis and ketosis


KOFASIL S 1.2 can be used for silage made from whole crop maize, CCM, 
whole crop cereals and grass

Range of application & application rate


KOFASIL S 1.2 is dosed directly on the forage cutter using a suited dosing technique. 

In case of increasing ripeness, a chemical silage additive with mode of action 2
(e.g. MAIZE KOFASIL LIQUID) can easily be applied.


Energy maize silage

Maize silage as a co-substrate for the use in biogas plants should be high in energy and hygienic quality. Thus, KOFASIL S 1.2 is recommended for use in this area:
it promotes high gas yields and helps keep your plant running smoothly.


Good to know

Improvement of aerobic stability and dairy cow ketosis-prophylaxis.

Perfect silages for dairy cows.


Technical data


Lactobacillus buchneri DSM 13573 [1k20733],
Enterococcus faecium DSM 22502 [1k20602] 

Active Ingredients:

heterofermenter; min. 1x1014 CFU/kg

homofermenter:  min.  2x1013 CFU/kg

Application rate:

1 g KOFASIL S 1.2/t forage 

(maize, whole crop cereals, energy rich grass) in case of CCM use 2 g/t

Storage life:

in sealed original aluminium bags at room temperature (max. 20 °C) for 6 month,
in fridge (4°C) for 12 and for 24 month in a freezer (-18 °C). 

Product dissolved in water must be used within 24 hours.

Classification according to EU feed additive legislation: 

Premixture containing technological additives: silage additive [1k, 2-microorganisms]




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