The next generation of acidifiers. 


New mode of action
Reduces ASF in feed by 100%

FORMI 3G is a synergistically acting combination of 2 patented
performance enhancers in which the Glycerin-Monolaurate will enhance
the impact of the Diformate.  

FORMI 3G stands for

NEW - tested antiviral effect in the feed

Increased growth performance

Strong and broad antimicrobial impact

Significant reduction of diarrhoea risk

Optimum safety for humans and the environment

No residues

Secure and easy handling

Recommended dosage


6-10kg/t of feed


5-8kg/t of feed


5-8kg/t of feed


Trial 1: FORMI 3G reduces the incidence of Streptococci in the faeces of sows during lactation


Trial 2: FORMI 3G increases piglet growth till weaning

Trial 3: FORMI 3G reduced the ASF virus in the feed completely after 7 days



Good to know

Under challenged conditions the dosage can be
increased to 15 kg/t.

Technical Data


Sodium formate (E237), Formic acid (E236) and Mono – Triglycerides of fatty acids (13.6.3)



25 kg paper-bag


in a cool and dry place


18 months



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