The quality enhancer



Hygiene and efficiency for pigs and birds as well as optimal
safety towards producing meat are key requirements for modern
swine and poultry production.

FORMI NDF stands for

Effective against E. coli & Campylobacter 

strong anti-Salmonella action

supports growth performance

Mode of action


Proven efficacy of FORMI NDF

Trial 1: Effect of FORMI NDF on bacterial microflora in the small intestine

Trial 2: Final weight and FCR of broiler on day 38 (with %-difference from control)

Trial 3: Effect of FORMI NDF on hen day egg production in layer aged week 50 till 62

Trial 4: Effect of FORMI NDF on egg quality (egg weight, shell weight and shell thickness) at week 19

Good to know

FORMI NDF fulfils these demands:

Improve feed hygiene

Strong anti-microbial effects 
(Campylobacter, Salmonellen, E. coli)

Safe and easy handling, non-corrosive

Optimized feed efficiency

Supports growth performance

Technical Data


Sodium formate (E237) and formic acid (E236)


in a cool and dry place


25 kg plastic bag, 1000 kg big bag


Recommended dosages:

Broiler: 1 - 3 kg/t of feed

Turkey: 3 - 4 kg/t of feed

Layer: 2 - 3 kg/t of feed




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