ADDCON XF Superfine

The broad range in-feed antimicrobial

Broad impact range

Non corrosive

Premix stable

Highly effective

Contaminated feedstuffs or recontamination during storage, transport and outfeed result significant losses in productivity, if not severe outbreaks of disease, as a result of microbial and fungal growth. Furthermore bacterial-, mould- and yeast growth als reduce the nutritive value of feed.


The secret is in the mix

The strongest mould inhibition among organic acids has been demonstrated for propionic acid whereas the strongest bactericidal acid is formic acid. Furthermore, benzoic acid is known to have strong actions against yeast.

ADDCON has made the documented effects of these acids “safe and easy” for the end-user – in the form of their salts.


ADDCON XF Superfine stands for:

Easy handling and mixability, including premix stability.

Tested effectiveness.

Very strong anti-mycotic and anti-bacterial effects.

Prevents and stops the spread of moulds and yeasts in the feed.

Targets harmful bacteria such as Salmonella an E. coli.

Stabilises feed quality and reduces buffer capacity.



Effect of propionic acid against fungi 

Effect of formic acid against bacteria

Effect of benzoic acid against various micro-organisms

MIC of sorbic for selected moulds

nice to know

Numerous trials have shown that the combination of the correct organic acids or their salts, with proven effects against fungi, yeast and bacteria – like propionic, formic acid and benzoic – leads to hygienic feed, which prevents losses during storage.

The use of ADDCON XF Superfine under practical conditions shall be a part of the new feeding concept, with high quality feed and therefore productive animals!


Technical Data


Salts of propionic acid, formic acid and benzoic acid


ADDCON XF Superfine must be stored in a dry, cool (frost-free) and dark place.

Shelf life of sealed original packages min. 2 years from production date.



Paper-bag – 25 kg net



ADDCON XF Superfine is used at 0.5 – 4 kg/t in the finished feed depending on raw material quality, storage conditions and storage time.

ADDCON XF Superfine can be added to premixes and concentrates.




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