The ADDCON original

Ensures best fermentation quality

Receives the protein quality

Guarantees silage free form clostridia

KOFASIL LIQUID guarantees your freedom of action at the optimal point of cutting 

If it is necessary you can dispense wilting.
Especially agricultural contractors have benefits because they are not reliant on perfect weather conditions for wilting.

KOFASL LIQUID controls the natural fermentation process by suppressing selectively clostridia (e.g. the harmful species causing botulism)


KOFASIL® LIQUID stands for

Perfect fermentation

Safe supressing of clostridia and listeria

High silage quality especially at unfavorable ensiling conditions

Neither corrosiv nor agressiv


KOFASIL LIQUID is dosed with 1-3 Liters per ton silage.

range of application & application rate

nice to know

Using  KOFASIL LIQUID you produce milk free of clostridia.

KOFASIL LIQUID is DLG certified.

Feel safe with continuously tested quality goods.

Technical data


Sodium nitrite, Hexamine


1 - 4 Liters per ton fresh matter


Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Un-opened containers will keep for 2 years. 

KOFASIL LIQUID is non-hazardous.

Frost-proof down to -20°C


canister (26 Liter)

drum (215 Liter)

Container (1.000 Liter)

bulk (ab 10.000 Liter)

This product is also as - KOFASIL Plus - available



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