Complementary Feed for pigs and cattle

User friendly - strong effects

No nitrogen, no phosphorus

Formic acid as additional active ingredient

Formic acid as additional active ingredient to inhibit bacteria and yeasts

KOFA PROTECT 7.0 is the new solution in feed preparation.
The feed acidifiers affect the gastrointestinal tract positive and energy is supplemented.
Next to  the cost advantage in comparison to the classical products,
KOFA PROTECT 7.0 offers the effectiveness of pure acid products at a
reduced corrosiveness. 

The new and unique combination of ingredients combined with a early use
immediately after the harvest but during TMR mixing also will improve the different
feed materials. In addition, the feed hygiene will be improved.
KOFA PROTECT 7.0 is the basis for animal well fare.


KOFA PROTECT 7.0 stands for

Best feed hygiene

High animal performance


Feed preparations with Kofa Protect 7.0 is suited for all different farm sizes.
We support to find tailor-made solutions.
In addition, the all-rounder is efficient and will make clarity in the warehouse.


Range of application & application rate


Pigs 4-10 L/t complete feed

Cattle 4-10 L/t complete feed



Note: Only an even distribution in the feed will give the full effect for all animals.

In case of  an application via TMR mixer use an spray applicator.


Good to know

KOFA PROTECT 7.0 ist "The all-rounder"

Complementary feed for TMR‘s and single
feed material with hygienizing effects. 

Technical Data


Propyleneglycol, isomaltulosemolassis, glycerin

Active substances:

1a700, sodium formate, formic acid



Store in a cool (frost-free) and dry place.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. KOFA PROTECT 7.0 can be stored in sealed original packages for at least 24 months from production date.

KOFA PROTECT 7.0 is a ready to use solution and may not be mixed with water.


Legal classification:

KOFA PROTECT 7.0 is a complementary feed, consisting of a mixture of complementary feed with a premixture



Container (1150 kg net),

Drum (245 kg net),

Canister (29 kg net)



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