Maximum safety for protein-containing feed

Proven effectiveness in inhibiting bacteria in protein meals. Hygiene is the key.

ADDCON XL 2.0 is manufactured in ADDCON’s diformate reactor. Due to this special production process, the product is more effective than pure acids, easier to use and safer to use.

ADDCON XL 2.0 stands for

High concentration

High efficiency

Safe and easy to use


Dosage & application

Low-risk raw materials (coarsely ground flour of vegetable origin) –

0.3 – 0.6% High-risk raw materials, fish and feather meal – 0.5 – 0.6%

In liquid feeding systems, a pH value of 3.8 should be set to combat Salmonella.


Application of oil flours

Current experiments with vegetable protein flours in Germany (rapeseed meal) have shown a significant influence against Salmonella under infected conditions. The addition of ADDCON XL 2.0
inhibited recontamination (real-time PCR), as can be seen from
the 35% better Ct values compared to the positive control.


Application of spring meal

Trials with ADDCON XL 2.0 in feather meal under tropical conditions,
before packaging for storage,
showed a significant salmonella reduction of more than 99%,
at dosages in the range from 0.3 to 0.6%


nice to know

Partial volatility – part of the product will
evaporate from the flour, thereby decontaminating it.

Adapted composition close to the crystallization point
(high optical density) and stability – a substantial part of
the product is retained over a longer period
even after pelleting.


Technical data


Formic acid (E236), sodium formate (E237)


ADDCON XL 2.0 can be stored in dry,
frost-free and dark storage in the closed original container
for at least 24 months after manufacture. 


Canister (25 L)

Barrel (200 L)

IBC (1,000 L)




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