A product range for grass and legume silages in all conditions.


Ensures best fermentation quality

Prevents mal-fermentation

Reduces fermentation losses

Improves the energetic and protein value


The GrasAAT product range can be used for directly harvested grass to heavy wilted grass even with difficult harvesting conditions for silos and balls.

The Formic acid and Sodium formate in GrasAAT reduces the pH quickly,
controls the fermentation process and prevent
mal-fermentation. The Propionic, Benzoic and Sorbic acid acts safely and efficiently against molds and yeasts.


GrasAAT stands for


Avoid mal-fermentation

Imporved hygienics

Improved palatability and feed intake


Good to know

GrasAAT preserves the energy and protein in the grass
and leads to an improvement in the animal feeding.










Technical data



Formic acid, Sodium formate, Propionic acid, Benzoic acid, Sorbic acid



3 - 5 Liters per ton freshmatter depending on the conditions



Un-opened containers will keep for 5 years

Frost-proof down to -20°C



Canister (25 Liter)

Drum (200 Liter)

Container (1.000 Liter)





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