Homofermentative inoculant for improving fermentation quality in silage.

ECPS is the key

KOFASIL FQM is an inoculant containing an ECPS forming strain of the lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum). 

ECPS are muscus forming substances which enclose the bacteria and protect it against adverse environment impacts and supports for nutrient and moisture uptake.

KOFASIL FQM stands for

Protection against negative environment impacts

Contains LAB forming the environment shield ECPS

Better nutrient aquisition

Better growth of the LAB strain better silages


The use of KOFASIL FQM results in silage crops (e.g. grass, legumes plants) in an intensive lactic acid formation which drops the pH value quickly and significantly. 

This inhibits the development of undesirable harmful bacteria such as clostridia, stops proteolysis and reduces DM- and energy-losses. 

Treating forage crops with KOFASIL FQM results in high-energy, nutrient-rich silage that is perfectly hygienic and is ideal for feeding to high-performance cattle.


Effect of different additives at various conditions onto total
fermentation products and sugar of a grass silage
(Franco et al. 2019)


Range of application

Fermentation parameters in a wet silage (16.6 & DM) affected by different silage additives  

KOFASIL FQM is particularly suitable for improving the fermentation quality of silage made of grass,
legumes or their mixtures and green cereal plants.

Good to know

Ready to use

KOFASIL FQM is mixed with tap water and can be used immediately.
The product is suited for microdosing (20-50ml/t). For optimum distribution we recommend an application amount between 1.0 and 2.0 litres per tonne of silage crop.

Technical data


Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 3676

Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 3677

(min. 1.1x1014 CFU/kg)


Application rate:

1 g/t forage


Inoculation density:

min. 1,1x108 CFU/kg forage


Shelf life:

The product can be stored for 6 month from the date of manufacture if stored in sealed original aluminium bags at room temperature (max. 20 °C)
for 1 year in the fridge and for 2 years in frost (-18 °C).Product dissolved in water must be used within 48 hours.


Classification according to EU feed additive legislation:

The bacterial strains used in KOFASIL FQM have been authorized according to the commission implementing re-gulation (EU) No 1119/2012 of 29.
November 2012 in the category technological additives, functional group silage additives for all animal species. They have been assigned the identification
numbers 1k20731 and 1k20732, respectively.


Packaging unit:

5 x 50 g   (for 250 t forage)

5 x 100 g (for 500 t forage)




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