Optimization for feed hygiene & water quality

Safe & easy handling

Not corrosive

Strongly antimicrobial

In modern pig and poultry nutrition, optimal nutrition with hygienically perfect feed plays a key role.
Inadequate feed hygiene and poor water quality can limit feed intake.
Therefore, an improvement in feed quality/water quality leads to a significant increase in performance and animal health.

ADDCON XNC stands for

Safe & easy handling – non-corrosive

Proven effectiveness

Strong antimicrobial/antifungal effects

The targeted combination of active
ingredients of ADDCON XNC offers various
advantages in one product.

ADDCON XNC reduces the total microbial load in drinking water and liquid feeding.

ADDCON XNC increases water absorption.

ADDCON XNC generally improves feed and water hygiene in animal production.


Table 1

Antimicrobial effects of formic acid against various bacteria
(after Strauss and Hayler, 2001) - 
Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) in %

Table 2

 Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC, in %) of propionic acid against various fungi.

Good to know

Acidification of the drinking water by ADDCON XNC leads to improved control of harmful germs, which allows the animal to fully exploit the performance potentioal. ADDCON XNC is therefore part of the ADDCON feed hygiene concept for safe, healthy and economical animal production.

Technical Data


Formic acid (E236), Ammonium formate (E295), Propionic acid (E280), Lactic acid (E270)


When stored in the closed original container, ADDCON XNC can be stored for at least 24 months after manufacture.


Canister (25 l)

Barrel (200 l)

Container (1.000 l)


1-3 l/t drinking water (target pH 4,5)

4,0 – 7,0 l/t sow feed

5,0 – 9,0 l/t piglet feed

4,0 – 7,0 l/t pig fattening feed

3,0 – 4,0 l/t poultry feed



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