FORMI 3G reduce the ASF virus within the feed by 100% after 7 days


Results prove that a 0.3% dosage of FORMI 3G can reduce the virus within the feed by 100% after 7 days.


A newly published trial at the IPVS 2022 – the International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in Brazil, documents the inhibition impact of dietary FORMI 3G against the African Swine Fever virus.



The next generation of acidifiers.

FORMI 3G is a synergistically acting combination of 2 patented performance enhancers in which the Glycerin-Monolaurate will enhance the impact of the Diformate.


The advantages of FORMI 3G speak for themselves:

  NEW - tested antiviral effect in the feed

  Increased growth performance

  Strong and broad antimicrobial impact

  Significant reduction of diarrhoea risk


Learn more in the following link.









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