ADDCON Herbamix

Green Chemistry at Work!

Modern poultry production experiences losses on a regular basis due to bacterial contamination, leading to lower performance parameters and higher costs.

ADDCON Herbamix is a safe, sustainable, flexible and synergistically acting combination of different natural flavours.

ADDCON Herbamix consists mainly of active components extracted from oregano and red garlic. 

This has been achieved with a special procedure to split the extracts into the right active ingredients and ADDCON Herbamix is therefore able to naturally optimize animal production, leading to a profitable poultry production.

ADDCON Herbamix stands for

Anti-inflammatory effect

Improves palatability

Promotes digestion

Antibacterial action


Table 1: Inhibition zone (in mm) of vegetable flavourings on various
bacteria (according to Bnyan, 2014)

Good to know

Performance-oriented care of poultry whilst fulfilling the highest feeding standards are essential demands in modern poultry production - ADDCON Herbamix meets these requirements and stands for:

Maximum safety for people, animals and the environment

No residues

Safe and easy handling

Technical Data


Mixture of natural flavourings, propanediol, emulgators


ADDCON Herbamix is to be stored in a dry, frost-free and dark place. Shelf life of sealed original packages min. 24 month from production date.


Bottles (2 x 5 kg)

Recommended dosage:

ADDCON Herbamix 0.5 – 1 ml/L drinking water – please stir before using



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