Delivery problems for propionic acid and formic acid



A chain of unfortunate incidents leads to supply problems for organic acids on the world market.


Currently, two of the largest producers of propionic acid, Force Majeur and one other producer, have reported delivery problems.
In addition, the world’s largest producer of formic acid, Force Majeur also registered the production of formic acid.
As a result of these reports, there has been an unpredictable shortage of organic acids on the world market.
Due to this situation, we have to announce that we are currently unable to deliver products containing propionic acid and we also cannot confirm
any orders at the moment.

Following market developments, are representing a forecast for the following next weeks.
We are eager to solve the problems and strive to get the necessary raw materials on the market.
As soon as we have better news here, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Due to the shortage of raw materials, we must also expect a price increase for our acidic products in the coming weeks and months.
From today’s perspective, we cannot yet say to what extent this will be the case.

We will keep you up to date.

Your ADDCON Team



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