We thank all our partners and customers who have joined out White Mansion Parties on the occasion of the IPPE 2020. 

 As we are launching of FORMI NDF and FORMI 3G in the United States, we have decided to make a trip to Atlanta to kick start the launch of the products. The IPPE offers a unique opportunity to meet with our partners and customers from the US for initial talks about the products. As there is already some local data available, the European experts took the opportunity to combine this US data with experience from various European countries. As soon as we are able to publish the local generated data, Dr. Christian Lückstädt and his team will do so. 

As important as meeting our partners from the US it was to meet with all the other business partners from other parts of the world. Maria Bruder, and her Marketing team managed to find a super cool location for hosting dinner parties, which enabled the team, to exchange ideas and experience at a super cool set up. The evenings in the Addcon White Mansion will be unforgotten – not least because of the BBQ skill of “Mr Formi” Christoph Hutter. 

Summing up we can say that we rate our week in Atlanta a full success. It is great knowing that Addcon and our business partners have the same ideas and values when we do business. Replacing antibiotics and reducing ZnO is the goal, the Addcon way is the way to go.




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